Sunday Scoop

What's on your agenda for the day? Here is the scoop on mine.

* Ironing. I always iron everything at one time. Then it is done for a while. It is summer, so I don't wear a lot that needs to be ironed. Thus the pile keeps growing. 
* Trying to get back into a routine of moving each day. Notice I did not say exercising. I can't swim very many laps, but some are better than none. 
* I've been laminating. I do not need it until Wednesday, but it needs to be done.

* I am making an alligator for the first day project, to go with the book Oliver and His Alligator. I need to finalize it so I can get it ready. 
* My desk needs to be cleaned and readied for BTS. I am not to confident on this one. 

* Time with friends! That is easy and fun and relaxing and something I am always happy to do! 


ithappenedin3rd said...

Love laminating, hate cutting it out!

Teaching Under the Sun said...

Me too!!!

SMORD said...

Good luck with the desk cleaning...I know I found so many unused items and trash in my desk...I don't even know when I ever sit there. It became more of a black hole of stuff you don't know what do with in the drawers lol. However, I got it done so I know you can too!!!
-Sandra from luckynlambie

Katie Orr (Mind Sparks) said...

Hi Candace! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!! I am your newest follower. :) I hope you got your ironing and lap swimming done!! Do you have a pool at your house....if so I am totally jealous!! I want a pool so bad!!

Mind Sparks

Teaching Under the Sun said...

Katie, yes I have a pool. It is almost a law in south Florida. :)