Quick and Easy Way to Hang Up Classroom Decorations

I am ALWAYS looking for easier ways to hang up classroom decorations; posters, alphabet charts, and more. We can use poster putty and Command Strips only. An alphabet chart needs a lot of poster putty, 4 corners X 26 letters = too much time. Plus it has to come off the wall next May. 

I was dreading contemplating this task today, and alphabet and a 0-20 number set needed to go up on the walls. I looked at the mess, supplies I had on the desks and got inspired. 

Step 1: Staple/Tape the cards to strips of border, I have plenty of that.

Step 2: Continue for the length of the border strip, or cut the border to the desired length. 

Step 3: Attach the strips to the wall with Command Strips, Poster Putty, or whatever you are allowed to use. 

Time saved now & Time will be saved in May.