Currently 1.1.16

Nothing like a new month and new year to inspire a new blog post. And Farley's Currently is always a favorite linky of mine.

Listening: I am going to the Garth Brooks concert in two weeks. Time to binge listen to get ready.

Loving: Loving the break, the weather, not so much. Yes, Florida is supposed to be warm, but this year is HOT. 

Thinking: There is a really cute pair of pants at Anthropology that I want. They are on sale and a good price.. decisions, decisions, decisions

Wanting: Of course I'd love a couple more days off. It has been a good break though.

Needing: I washed clothes  yesterday. They are in the dryer. They may stay there a little longer. 

One little word: I've been thinking about my word for 2016, I THINK that I have settled on increase. 
Increase my knowledge on a variety of topics, Increase my store inventory, Increase my happiness

So what is your 2016 looking like?