Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Fun

Valentine's Day with kindergarten is just another excuse to be silly. Several staff members at my school have started making simple tutus to wear for the holidays. I made one for Valentine's Day.  Yes, I used purple tulle. It had to be done.

The kids were so excited to see all the staff members on Friday. Lots of "I like your tutu." I admit, it got in the way a little as I was walking around. But it was fun, and that is the point.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


A new month, a new currently; courtesy of Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Listening: I am listening to my Current playlist, how appropriate. It has music from 2010 to now in it, all genres. Kristin Chenoweth was playing as I typed this section. 

Loving: Winter in south Florida, it has finally gotten cool, but it is bearable. 50's for the lows and 70's for the highs. I couldn't handle it any colder.... see my pageant title. :) 

Thinking: I am taking buffalo chicken dip to our friend to watch commercials later. Wait, I mean football. Any way, I know how good it is going to be. After all, I had to try it once it was all put in the crock pot. I would have to serve my friends something sub par. 

Wanting: I really want to plan our summer vacation. It will be the first vacation without our daughter. Don't feel sorry for her; she is going to Europe in May. We are going to Napa Valley, then to the LA area to visit a friend. I know where I want to stay, and several vineyards I want to visit. I want to sit down and plan the whole trip. Not just book the hotel and plane tickets, but make the itinerary and everything. I really need to wait. 

Needing: I need to learn how to create a navigation bar for my blog. I need to add an "About Me" page and maybe other links. I tried it before and ended up deleting it as I don't think it was correct. Plus I need to write the "About Me" page and I can't think of more than about three sentences. I am not good at self promotion. 

Pageant Title: Queen Of Cold... said it my best sarcastic voice. I am forever cold, and have been assured by my cardiologist that I am just blessed that way. I wear long sleeves if it is below 75, and take a jacket to the grocery store and a sweater to the mall. It is not fun. 

What is happening in your life CURRENTLY???