Bulletin Boards, Oh My!

Welcome. I am linking up with Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners for this month's #2getherwearebetter talk.

I hope you are getting inspired by the wonderful bulletin boards you are seeing. That is my hope: INSPIRATION. Because this year I need it. I have not done mine yet. 

I have lots of surfaces I can decorate. I use the longer bulletin board for student work. It is outside my classroom and there is a wall across the hallway that I use. I have ordered some colorful circle border from Teacher Created Resources that I will use on the outside board. I use decorated clothespins to adhere the student work. It save lots of time when I am changing out work. On the wall, I have a different system involving yard, Command hooks, and clips, but that is for another post. 

As you can see I left my blue double border up inside. I did it last year and it still looks fine. It is too much work to change every year. I am not sure what to put on them. Due to the position of my built in desk, my easel end up covering much of the board on the right side of the room. I hate to put something up the kids can't see. This year my blocks are under the left side. I think I will use that side for a math board; daily number, year long ten frames, etc... 

That leaves the door and side wall. I put my Keep Calm and Don't Forget to Play canvas next to my door with my name. I got some bright flower decorations at the party story to go there this year. 
As for the large wall I was not sure what to do until yesterday. I found these cute Alpha Pals animal posters by Sasha Creations. As we learn a letter I will hang them outside. 

I think that covers the bulletin boards and wall spaces that I have to decorate. Just typing this post has helped me to solidify some of my ideas. I will still be checking the other beautiful boards on the linky. After all, #2getherwearebetter. 


The Cutesy Teacher said...

I love your washi tape covered clothes pins! What a great idea! One year I took cute scrap book paper and cut all the pieces the size of the clip, then had to glue it down, and THEN do the other side! Ugh! Washi tape looks SO much easier! Thank you for the idea :-)

The Cutesy Teacher

Teaching Under the Sun said...

Your welcome. I am sure I found it on Pinterest. lol I like quick, easy, yet cute ideas.

The Whimsical Teacher said...

Squee! Washi tape and clothes pins! I am ON this idea! I love it!!

The Whimsical Teacher