Day 4; How's it Going?!

Today was the 4th day of school. So far, so good. We are learning the rules of the school and the classroom procedures. Our goal for the week: line up quietly and walk nicely. We had to practice a couple of times today. But we are on our way.

Because I use sorting notebooks, alphabet notebooks, and math journals it is important that the kids are able to cut without help. Today was out first day with our scissors. We reviewed how to hold them: Thumbs Up! What we can cut: Paper Only! And what NOT to cut: Our Hair, Our friend's hair, Our Clothes.

Then we practiced cutting paper. I printed a page with straight lines going across the page. We cut the straight lines. I have some pretty good cutters.

Tomorrow we are cutting more straight lines. This time on a diagonal across the page. Then we move onto squares and wavy lines. Wish us luck. We are saving all the cut strips and will use them next week to make something. And learn how to use the glue sponges.

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