Concepts of Print Emergent Readers

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I have added a new Concepts of Print Packet. Included are 3 booklets with a winter theme:
 *Christmas Time Booklet; Christmas items; sight words: I, see 
 *Arctic Animals Booklet; animals; sight words: here, is  
 *Winter Things; winter clothing items; sight words: I, have

A color version of each booklet is included. This can be used for modeling, teaching the site words, for the vocabulary in each booklet. 

Thanksgiving Turkeys

This is the inspiration
Such a cute and colorful turkey. I knew my kiddos weren't ready to the symmetry yet, we haven't talked about it. Plus, we don't have the pattern block die cut.

What to do???? 

Use my brand new Silhouette Cameo to create and cut some shapes out of card stock, in fall colors of course. 

I decided to use the hexagons for the body. Since my shapes were not 100% proportional, they didn't fit together quite as well. And that doesn't bother me on bit. I found buttons in my crafty supplies, and we were able to create shape turkeys. 

A good day in kindergarten! 

Learning Through Play, Shapes

We are learning all about 2D shapes in math this week.
* the names
* how many sides
* how many corners.
* 2D shapes are flat.

What better way to explore shapes and by creating with them. I divided the students into pairs and gave each group a pile of circles squares and rectangles. They had to talk with their partner about what they were going to make.

Then they told me what they were making. After that I let them go and have at it.
   some made houses
   some made flowers
   some made cars
   one group even made shapes out of shapes.
There were no right or wrong creations.

As they were working I walked around and asked questions about the shapes they were using. When they were done I let them get the crayons to add some extra details to what they were making. I reminded them to add faces to people, doors and windows to the houses, and doors to the car.

Without them realizing it I added a little bit of writing to their math play. They had a great time and each groups picture is unique. Learning to play is the best way to learn.

Currently November

WOW!! It really is November already. That TO DO list from October has been moved to another month. Oh well, it will get done eventually.

I am joining Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently Linky.

Listening to XM radio, 80's hits of course. 

Loving: I am buying flowers form y desk at the grocery store. $4.00 for a nice bundle and they last almost 2 weeks. This week I got deep purple and yellow daisies. Now, to keep the cat from eating them. 

Thinking: I have been teaching 20 years, all K-1. I have SOOOOOO much stuff. It can be overwhelming. I am thinking of donating it to a new teacher and starting over. I am already recycling all my paper files. I think printing and reorganizing my centers would be a good idea as well. 

Wanting: We only have one car payment right now, my daughter's car. The sooner I pay her car off, I can save to get a newer car for me!! 

Needing: I found the Listers Gotta List group last month. I didn't need another avenue for my paper crafting, but I signed up anyway. It is free. Now I need to find to time to do my list each day. 

Yummy: My current favorite Yummy is buffalo chicken dip.

What are you doing this month?!?! Join the linky and tell us all about it!