About Me!!

My name is Candice and I was born over 40 years ago. I love my 40’s, they have been good to me. My husband is Michael. He is a wildlife biologist and manages a private ranch for bobwhite quail. We met in high school and dated off and on for many years. We are 'the old married couple' as we were friends and dated for 10 years before getting married. We have one daughter, Amelia who is in college. We have been empty nesters for 2 years, which is working out just fine. 

We live in south Florida; 12 miles from the Atlantic ocean. I moved a lot as a child; 10+ schools in 12 years. I didn’t go to Kindergarten. I have lived in Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia and now in Florida. In each state I live in different places as well. I consider myself a southerner even though my time in Indiana erased the accent. 

We have three cats and have had them since they were about 2 weeks old. Michael saw them near a barn and brought them home. We ended up keeping three. They are rarely in the same spot, so photos don’t include all of them. This is Princess and you can see that she loves to be in the middle of my desk whenever I am creating. Even more so when I am using ink or paint. 

I graduated from GA State University with an Early Childhood degree and have been teaching since 1996. I have taught Pre-K, ESE Pre-K, First & Second Grade and Kindergarten. I enjoy teaching the Primary ages and the students are just learning and you can see so much growth over the year. I have been creating materials for my classroom since the first year. I decided to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers in 2014. My goal is to keep learning fun. Young children learn so much through play and experiences. I want to provide them with the opportunities to learn. 

I have many hobbies, the main one being CREATING. I didn’t consider myself creative until 10 years ago. Friends and colleagues would tell me I was, but it took me a long time to recognize the creativity in myself. I enjoy photography and scrapbooking. I make cards. Last year I started painting, mixed media, and drawing.

This creativity is now apart of my Teachers Pay Teachers adventure. After all, each product is a digital creation. 

I have been making friends online since 2002 and still talk to many of those early friends. Now I use Social Media to continue my learning, find new ideas and friends, and to stay connected to them all. The internet can be a wonderful place. 

Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy! 

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