Weekend Warrior 3-2-1 Bio

Welcome to the Weekend Warrior Linky. I am late, I just found this linky on The TuTu Teacher and really like the topics so here I go.

This month is about me, my least favorite topic. Seriously I always find it difficult to answer even these simple questions about myself. Maybe I just over analyze too much. :)

This seems simple enough. 

Starting with the Teacher Me: 

1. I have a problem. I love paper, notebooks, sticky notes, etc.... All shapes and sizes; flowers, quotes, holidays, etc.... For years my daughter wouldn't let me near the notepads in the dollar sections. Now she is at college and I have free reign. :sigh: That may not be a good thing. This is just what I have at home, I have a basket full in my drawer at school. And markers? I know I have at least 3 sets of Sketch markers, plus more Flair, dry erase, Crayola, and pens in all colors. 

2. Yes, I see the irony here. I love paper and technology. And for somethings I can be paperless, just not for notes. Last year I was selected to be among the pilot group for 2:1 laptops. Luckily I had 6 desktops, 12 laptops, and a cap of 18 students so I was 1:1. The kids learned so much. I was a little worried about some of the safety protocols in the district; log ins with uppercase, lowercase and numerals, but my kids mastered it by November. We used the internet for learning games and ActivInspire for digital storytelling. 
Oh yeah, there is my pile of devices as well; 6 donated iPhones that I use as iPods, CD Players, cameras, etc...

3. When I was in college (too many years ago) I wanted to teach 4th or 5th grade. I was excited about the ability to explore a topic in depth. Of course my first job was PreK. I loved every minute of those 3 years. The growth you see in young children in amazing. Since then I have taught 1st for several years, one year in 2nd, and back to Kindergarten a few years ago. I don't want to be moved.

1. My paper and marker obsession doesn't end when I leave school. I sell Stampin' Up! products, well buy them for myself. I have been paper crafting for about 15 years. When we built our house, I got to design my office, so I included a tall bookshelf for my papers and card stock. 

My inks and markers are kept in different sections of my desk. This isn't all my ink, I didn't want to move them all for the photo. 

2. I read as often as I can, for myself, not professional books. I enjoy mysteries, suspense, historical fiction, and some romance. In fact I will read just about anything, except science fiction. 

I joke that my travel list includes places I do NOT want to visit. Since that list is shorter. I want to explore the world and see the beauty that is around us. I managed to leave the US before I turned 40, but all our travel has been in the states. Hubby & I just returned from 10 days in California, our first trip as empty nesters. Italy is the next destination on the list. I am working on my TPT store to help fund these trips in the future. 

That is me! I have enjoyed reading the other blogs in the linky. Check them out. 

Sorts and More Sorts

Sorts are a great way to teach vocabulary, visual discrimination, and classification skills. They skills necessary for both reading and math. Children begin to classify things very early, they make piles all over the house. Children begin by sorting objects visually and later they can tell you about the sort; i.e. "These are dolls and these are food"

The activities in this sorting bundle will help you child sort objects in a variety of ways: Letter/Symbols/Numbers, Letters/Words/Sentences, & Land/Sea/Air Vehicles. Each sort targets a different skill. All three of these sorts contain large cards and work mats, smaller cards that are the perfect size for a pocket chart, and black ad white versions for independent practice.

Letters, Numbers and Symbols targets visual discrimination, letter and numeral recognition. Once children become familiar with the alphabet and numerals, they should be able to sort them correctly. Add the symbols to this sort gives a possible unknown character for children. While the copyright symbol looks like the letter C, a child should be able to say it is not the letter C, so it is a symbol.  

Letters, Words and Sentences targets the length difference between a single letter, a group of letters known as a word, and a group of words known as a sentence. A child does not have to be able to name the letters or read the words to complete this sort since the focus is on the length of the item. The sort contains upper case and lower case letters. 

Transportation: Land Sean & Air targets a reasoning skills. All the pictures are some type of transportation vehicle, but the sort focuses on where the vehicle travels. This sort allows you to work on vocabulary by naming the vehicles and understanding how each vehicle works.

All three sorts are on sale at Educents this week. The deal is good for 8 more days. Grab the deal before it expires. Thanks. 

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday blogging world. It is nice to sit here and sip my tea without worrying about the upcoming week.
Tea cups
             By Gisela Francisco (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

These questions are far from my mind: What activities do I need to make? Are the kids going to like this book? Will we have enough time for...? And the most important one: Will the rain wait until after recess?

Instead I am thinking: Will I teach Kindergarten next year? What supplies should I buy over the summer? What professional reading should I do? And many more. The teacher mindset is not easily turned off.

Today, however, I am going to do my best. I have some photos and papers sitting on my desk, waiting to be transformed into scrapbook pages. Hobbies are important, and summer is the best time to work on them. Go out, enjoy your Sunday. If you are still in school, rest a little before the week. If you are out for the summer, remember to take time for yourself. Happy Summer!