Concepts of Print Emergent Readers

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I have added a new Concepts of Print Packet. Included are 3 booklets with a winter theme:
 *Christmas Time Booklet; Christmas items; sight words: I, see 
 *Arctic Animals Booklet; animals; sight words: here, is  
 *Winter Things; winter clothing items; sight words: I, have

A color version of each booklet is included. This can be used for modeling, teaching the site words, for the vocabulary in each booklet. 

Thanksgiving Turkeys

This is the inspiration
Such a cute and colorful turkey. I knew my kiddos weren't ready to the symmetry yet, we haven't talked about it. Plus, we don't have the pattern block die cut.

What to do???? 

Use my brand new Silhouette Cameo to create and cut some shapes out of card stock, in fall colors of course. 

I decided to use the hexagons for the body. Since my shapes were not 100% proportional, they didn't fit together quite as well. And that doesn't bother me on bit. I found buttons in my crafty supplies, and we were able to create shape turkeys. 

A good day in kindergarten! 

Learning Through Play, Shapes

We are learning all about 2D shapes in math this week.
* the names
* how many sides
* how many corners.
* 2D shapes are flat.

What better way to explore shapes and by creating with them. I divided the students into pairs and gave each group a pile of circles squares and rectangles. They had to talk with their partner about what they were going to make.

Then they told me what they were making. After that I let them go and have at it.
   some made houses
   some made flowers
   some made cars
   one group even made shapes out of shapes.
There were no right or wrong creations.

As they were working I walked around and asked questions about the shapes they were using. When they were done I let them get the crayons to add some extra details to what they were making. I reminded them to add faces to people, doors and windows to the houses, and doors to the car.

Without them realizing it I added a little bit of writing to their math play. They had a great time and each groups picture is unique. Learning to play is the best way to learn.

Currently November

WOW!! It really is November already. That TO DO list from October has been moved to another month. Oh well, it will get done eventually.

I am joining Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently Linky.

Listening to XM radio, 80's hits of course. 

Loving: I am buying flowers form y desk at the grocery store. $4.00 for a nice bundle and they last almost 2 weeks. This week I got deep purple and yellow daisies. Now, to keep the cat from eating them. 

Thinking: I have been teaching 20 years, all K-1. I have SOOOOOO much stuff. It can be overwhelming. I am thinking of donating it to a new teacher and starting over. I am already recycling all my paper files. I think printing and reorganizing my centers would be a good idea as well. 

Wanting: We only have one car payment right now, my daughter's car. The sooner I pay her car off, I can save to get a newer car for me!! 

Needing: I found the Listers Gotta List group last month. I didn't need another avenue for my paper crafting, but I signed up anyway. It is free. Now I need to find to time to do my list each day. 

Yummy: My current favorite Yummy is buffalo chicken dip.

What are you doing this month?!?! Join the linky and tell us all about it! 

Peek at My Week #5: Apples

Good evening, it is time to link up with Mrs. Wills for a Peek at my Week. I apologize for missing last week. I was out of town spending the weekend with my grandmother. It was a wonderful weekend and blogging was put on hold for a time. 

This is week 5. We are learning about apples. This week we will be reading fictional stories about apple trees and apples. We are working on Concepts of print and word tracking. We will use my Concept of Prints Emergent Reader for apples. The booklets have dots on the words for the students to practice work tracking. 

We are adding our first vowel to our letter knowledge this week. We will learn both the long and the short sound of Aa. We will use letter tiles for M, T, S, P, & A to create words and learn how to sound out words. 

In math we will be working on the numbers 3 & 4. Our school is working on number sense in all grades this year. I am focusing and a number for two days. We will count the number, us manipulatives to show the number, create the number on a 5 frame, and use a number map to demonstrate our knowledge of the number. 

We are still learning about how to be scientists. How to use our five senses to make observations about our world. This week we will take a walk and draw what we see, listen to sounds and identify what is making them, and finally use all our senses to describe an apple. 

There you go, a quick Peek at My Week. What are you learning about this week? Check out the other teachers sharing their weeks. 

Augmented Reality

I did a quick demonstration of Augmented Reality this morning. I am using the AR Flashcards Alphabet app. The app and Flashcards are free and they work on my older devices. I only got to play around with a couple kids, but they had a blast. This will definitely be a center for a while.

Peek at My Week; week 3, Colors

Another week is upon us. I tried to plan on Sunday, but the sun was shining and the pool was calling my name. I am on week 3 of school and we are learning about Colors and my 2nd favorite color book; Brown Bear, Brown Bear. (Next week is my favorite color book)

We are reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear all week. We are working on Concepts of print, by the end of the week I am hoping to have several who can touch the words as I read. I have a felt board set we will use for retelling as well. We are learning about the author and illustrator this week, the person's name and their job. 

We will practice word tracking with my Concepts of Print booklets, the school version this week. 

We will also be learning our color words. We will sort all types of objects by their color. We will match colors and color words. We are still working on name the letters in our name, finding our names, and writing them beautifully. We are going to do a letter hunt on Thursday around the school and look for just the letters in our own names. 

Our letters of the week are Mm and Ss. We will use the Simply Kinder letter and sound hats again after we learn the letter. 

Math is all about counting to 10, identifying numerals to 10, writing numerals to 10, and lots and lots of time learning to use our manipulatives. 

This will be the first week for ELA centers as well. Lots of modeling and working with the students as they explore the available materials. 

Don't forget the check out some more plans on Mrs. Wills Kindergarten Peek at my Week linky. 

Teaching Letter Names; Letter Mats a Freebie

I was inspired by Greg Smedley's post about Number Recognition here. A simple, yet effective activity. Why not do the same thing for letter?

I have a few kiddos who do not know the letter names. I realized that Greg's technique for numbers will work just as well. **Who I am kidding, I am 'stealing' the idea. After all, the best teachers Beg, Borrow, and "Steal" ideas.**

I focus on two letters a week until they are all taught and reviewed. I do 4 consonants than a vowel and word families. My class is 85% second language learners, so everyone can use a little more practice with letters and sounds and vocabulary.

I made a letter mat for each group of 4 letters and one with all the vowels.

The letter mats are made to be printed on Legal sized paper. Of course with a PDF you can select Fit or Shrink Oversized Pages to print on letter sized paper. 

The letter cards are made to be printed on letter sized paper. I made those different colors and used a more standard looking font. 

Click the image below, or HERE to download the mats and letter cards. 

Classroom Reveal; Finally

I have been impatiently waiting for today. I have been back at school since 8/24. I finally get to share my room. Thank you to Ashley and Angie for hosting the 2getherwearebetter linkup with all the reveals. So here goes nothing!! 

I have a wall on either side of my door that I can decorate and use for student work. WELCOME to my area. The canvas next to my door is my motto "Keep Calm and Don't Forget to Play." 

Open the door and come on in. 
This is the view from the doorway. I still have a kitchen, blocks and other 'language' development materials in my room. The table to the right is our writing center. Continuing on a 360° tour of our room. 

I have 6 desktops in my room. Wait, though, I am a 1:1 technology classroom. There's more. I use the space above the computers for colors and shapes. 

My room is a rectangle, so I have a long space across the front of the room. Here you find our number posters, a sensory bin with a Pocket Chart attached to the wall for future sorting, the math center shelf, and blocks. I have a simple calendar and number sense  are on the board. 

This is also where I keep my Alphabet. I can easily remove the letters as I teach them, and they are at a good height for the kids. 

Apparently missing is my Promethean Board, you can see the corner on the left of the photo. I love my board and have been using one for 7 years. This is my teaching area, big book easel, regular easel for another PC, chart papers and Feed Me monster. The space in the back is the teacher area. I have a built in desk that is too long, but I am stuck with it. 

 I use that long teacher desk to define my reading area. The READ frames hide the back of my computer and phone. I attach felt boards to the desk for story retelling. The white toy box contains several Build A Bear animals and clothes for 'language' development time. See the tall cart?!?! That is my laptop cart with 15 laptops. We use them for learning, digital storytelling, individual assessments, and so much more. It is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire room. 

Continuing the circle, next to the reading center is the small group table. The back wall is full of our cubbies, the sink, reading centers and the bathroom. 

I did a lot of debating with my student tables this year. I decided on the 'U' approach with a bookshelf. During the day, the kids will keep their laptop on the bookshelf when it isn't being used. 
The rug is our whole group area. The other door in the back is too my closet. On it hang our "I CAN DO IT" necklaces and next to it are the school wide PBIS reward system.

And finally, a small portion of my desk with my new Creative Clips desk calendar. The colors make me smile. Along with my kitty cat tape dispenser. 

Don't forget to check out the other rooms and remember... 

Peek at My Week; The Alphabet

Here we go. Week 2! We are still working on the Alphabet.

Most of my students are second language learners, they need extra time to learn all the letters and sounds. This week we will continue identifying the differences between letters, numbers, symbols, and words. Our friend Feed Me Monster likes to help us sort; he will only eat certain things. 

Last week he ate letters. I bet it will be the same this week. 
I made Feed Me my first year teaching Pre-K (1996). He looks pretty good and the kids love him. 

We will focus on two letters this week: Tt and Pp. We will name the letter, work on the sound, name words for each letter, and start our Alphabet Notebook. 

Our story for the week is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. My favorite for teaching the alphabet as a whole. Who can resist the sing-song style and the antics of the letters. 

We are also using our names to learn the letters of the alphabet. I printed out the names in block letters. The students will get to paint one set with water colors. They will fill the other with paper to make a mosaic. We will also do several activities to identify the letters in our name. 

In Math we are counting 1-10 and counting objects to 10. We need to spend more time learning the procedures for out math boxes. I think some counters got lost on Friday. Fun in K! We will roll and color with a partner this week. More procedures... how to work with a partner. We will make a counting book with palm trees and brown circles to end the week. 

In science we will start out 5 Senses unit. I am hoping all my students have turned in the school paperwork and I can get out the laptops next week. Everyone has their own ID and login, so that paperwork is the key to our success. 

That is a quick Peek at what we will be doing this week. Check out some other teachers on the Peek at My Week Linky, by Mrs. Wills. 

Updated Products

Happy Saturday friends. I had someone ask for some signs to be added to my Bathroom Rules/Procedure Posters. I have add the following signs:

1 Pump of Soap
2 Pumps of Soap
1 Paper Towel
2 Paper Towels
Paper Towels in the Trash

sample of the signs 

If you own my Bathroom Signs, go to TPT and download the updated file. If you would like to purchase the signs, click on the image to get to my TPT store.

Thanks for looking.

Day 4; How's it Going?!

Today was the 4th day of school. So far, so good. We are learning the rules of the school and the classroom procedures. Our goal for the week: line up quietly and walk nicely. We had to practice a couple of times today. But we are on our way.

Because I use sorting notebooks, alphabet notebooks, and math journals it is important that the kids are able to cut without help. Today was out first day with our scissors. We reviewed how to hold them: Thumbs Up! What we can cut: Paper Only! And what NOT to cut: Our Hair, Our friend's hair, Our Clothes.

Then we practiced cutting paper. I printed a page with straight lines going across the page. We cut the straight lines. I have some pretty good cutters.

Tomorrow we are cutting more straight lines. This time on a diagonal across the page. Then we move onto squares and wavy lines. Wish us luck. We are saving all the cut strips and will use them next week to make something. And learn how to use the glue sponges.

Peek at My Week; Week 1

Ready or Not there will be 17 little bodies in my classroom tomorrow morning. Good thing I am ready, or at least I think I am.

The first week of Kindergarten never goes as planned. My plan is to plan as little as possible. The week is all about Procedures, Procedures, Procedures. While the majority of out students have been to some type of Pre-K program, they need to learn the rules and procedures for our school and my class.

I have plans for the week, but they are 100% flexible and I am not worried about getting to everything. Here are the procedures to teach and practice this week. 
* Morning Arrival: The first three days we pick up are kids in the cafeteria, so the Arrival procedure changes slightly by Thursday. 
* Line Procedures; lining up and walking
     We walk to different parts to the school each day. We have 5 different buildings on a huge campus. 
* Bathroom
* Washing Hands for lunch
* Playground Rules
* Carpet, Work Time, Story Time Procedures and expectations
* Many, Many More

In between practicing procedures we will sing alphabet songs, count to 10, meet our friends, do some fine motor activities, learn how to use the Promethean Board, and hear lots of stories. 

* On Monday I will read Oliver and His Alligator. This is a new first day book for me. We will talk about being scared or excited the first day, and maybe both. We will make an alligator to help us be brave. I have a book companion resource in my store. HERE
* On Tuesday I will read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten. We will look for the story items in our classroom and talk about how we will use them.
* The rest of the week we will read No, David, David Goes to School, and David Gets in Trouble. We will use these to discuss out rules and why we can't do everything we want. The kids will also draw themselves following the rules. 

For Phonics we will be singing Alphabet songs, talking about all the letters, finding the letters in our names, and talking about the shapes of the letters (curvy, straight, or both).

In Math we will count to 10, learn how to use out Math boxes with our manipulatives, and interact with numbers and numerals on the Promethean Board. 

I am excited about the first week. I have a few more things to cut out this afternoon. But I am ready for Monday and a new year. Don't forget to check out the other plans on the Peek at my Week linky hosted by Mrs. Wills. 

Peek at My Week; Preschool Week

Yes, I am back at school. But this week our preschool week.  I am not planning per say. I am preparing to plan. Here is a peek at what I am doing this week. 

But I did create my lesson plan template and resources. My district provides us with frameworks that are divided into units. They provide us with a year long map of when to teach and assess the standards. I create an excel spreadsheet of the Kindergarten standards. I make 8 copies for ELA. Then I go through and highlight the standards for each unit provided by the district, deleting any not being taught during that unit. I do the same thing for math. I use this as my reference each week when planning. It also make documenting my standards easy, the pages are attached to my planning spreadsheet. Easy!! 

Then I had to create my lesson plan template for the year. I use an Excel Spreadsheet so I can tweak it throughout the year. I never use the same format two years in a row. Here is this year's format. 
Fear not, my week is not blank. Here is that calendar. 

I have 3 days of inservice meetings all week. Luckily they are spread out; 1/2 day on Monday and Thursday, full days on Wednesday and Friday. I have a 1/2 day Monday and all day Tuesday to finish my room and prepare for the year. I love the workdays we get during the preschool week. Finally we have Open House on Thursday. It is really 'meet the teacher'. 

I am linking up with Mrs. Willis to share this peek at my week. Stop by and check out what other teachers are doing this week.

Whether you are still savoring your summer break or planning for a week of students, make every minute count. 

Made it Monday 8/10 Edition

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Made it Monday. I've been working a lot of little projects all weekend. Here goes....


My clothes pins needed a makeover. The striped ones have magnets on the back and are for my board in the classroom. The orange polk dot ones have a push pin on the back and go on my hallway bulletin board to hang student work. 


Birthday straws! A friend found the fun straws at the dollar store for me. Print, laminate and cut out the balloons, a little tape and a cute, inexpensive birthday gift for my kiddos. 


I teach Kindergarten. That means anything and everything can be put to use. I added alphabet stickers and mod podge to more clothes pins. These will go in the word work center. The kids can clip the letters to word cards to spell the words. 
That is it for now. I am working a several more little things, but they are not done yet. Check out more teacher creativity and link up yourself.