Welcome to my corner on the web. I started this blog in August. With all the good intentions of posting about back to school, prepping my classroom, and the thrill of the new year. That didn't happen. :)

Next I thought I would jump in during the fall holiday frenzy. You see how that went.

Then I thought, I should get several things in my TPT store before I post. My TPT store is still empty.

The list goes on, and nothing got done.

I realized I didn't need a reason, or a theme, or a store launching, or etc.... This is my blog. It is about my experiences and opinions about what occurs in my classroom. I am starting today with a simple introduction.

My name is Candice. I have been teaching sine 1996. I have taught Pre-K through 2nd grade. I currently teach Kindergarten. I love it. Despite being to an age where bending over to tie shoes can hurt a little, the 5 & 6 year olds make each day interesting.

I won't give many details about where I teach. The district I work for has very strict policies regarding student privacy, which I respect.

There it is in a nutshell. The beginning of a new endeavor in my teaching; sharing my experiences. Thanks for reading.

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