New Idea

I admit that my New Idea isn't mine at all. I teach in a rural school, with 85% of my class being ESL students. I have 4 who did not attend any type of Pre-K program. They are learning to speak, understand, read, write, etc... all at the same time.

Because they don't have the Pre-K background, they don't know any letter names or sounds. Some can't even write their name. One of my personal goals this year was not to rush teaching the letters names and sounds. I want to give the students who need the exposure plenty of time to learn the letters. At the same time, I don't my kiddos who are reading to be bored with the letter activities. Yes, I teach small group, but I was looking for something fun for the whole class.

At some point this summer, I stumbled upon the Interactive Alphabet Notebooks by Rowdy in Room 300.

This notebook is exactly what I was looking for. There is an art activity for each letter. Then there is a find the letter, handwriting practice, or written response for each letter. It is easy to differentiate the response part of the notebook. My kiddos love this. It reinforces letters and sounds, it teaches them, and lets the kids be a little crafty. Something all 5 year olds need to do. Click on the picture above to go to TPT for the files. 

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