Helpful Hints

My hint has to wo with all those computer files, PDFs, clip art, and untils i am accumulating at a rate faster than I can think about it.

I have always found it very important tto keep my computer fils just as organized as my paper files. I do not keep a printed copy of the units I use each year, that is just more paper that needs to be filed. I do not like filing. 

My hard drive has mulitple folders on it. I have a main folder for my printable files and a main folder for my ActivInspire files. It makes it eaier to find what I am looking for. Here is the folder tree for my printables. 

Withing each catergory, I will also have folders. This is my Books folder, insife I have Kissing Hand, Eric Carles, etc... Again, I can find waht I am looking for quickly.

Since the computer has a large storage capacity without being cumbersome, I will also save untils in multiple folders. For example a Brown Bear unit will go in the Brown Bear folder, the counting 1-10 folder and Beginning Sounds folder if it has activities that teach those skills. I can pull the specific resources to use for remediation work. 

Don't foget to link up your hints below.

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