How to Teach a Social Studies Lesson in 30 Minutes

Labor Day Book and Activities

worker hats and pencils for book cover

Labor Day is coming up. Your social studies standards require you teach national holidays as well as different workers and the jobs they do. However,  ELA programs have a required sequence topics. Your day is full and you have time for a 0 minute lesson for Social Studies. How do you fit it all in?

This resource gives you everything you need to teach the standard: Identify national holidays and describe the people and/or events celebrated. With a nonfiction book and supporting activities, it can be done in one 

What’s included: 

* Nonfiction book with the history of the Labor Day holiday in age appropriate explanation. There are 12 different jobs with a brief description about what workers do. It included pages to show how the holiday is celebrated today.

book pages as a gif

* Hat Template
labor day hat template with hats

* Writing prompt page- Draw or write something you learned about Labor Day.

writing paper

* Matching activity- Six jobs are represented with a worker, students will draw a line to the tools they use. There are two tools per worker. 

workers and tools images

* Bonus- counting objects to 10.

All the resources are available in full color or black-and-white for easy printing. The book, the matching activity, and the counting activity are also available in TpT‘s easel version. The book provides read to me support for students. The activities have audio support as the directions are read to them.

It is possible to teach the social studies standards with the right materials, even if your time is limited. My Labor Day book and follow up activities allow you to teach the standards and have fun at the same time.

Check this out in my store. 

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