Tea With Me: Montreal

A chilly, rainy afternoon here. Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea. Today I travel back to Montreal.

In reality there are two stories behind this mug. The first being it is Quebec the province, not Montreal the city. And that would be because when I was in Starbucks I preferred the colors of the Quebec mug over the Montreal mug. Simple as that. 

How did we end up in Montreal? We had this guy did not to do a major trip in the summer of 2017. We knew we were having major trip the next year to Washington state and Alaska. We were having dinner with Michael’s work colleagues, and another couple who work on the ranch mentioned going to the Formula One race in Montreal.

I probably said something like it sounded like fun, and they said we should join them. Here’s the thing about me and travel, I love to travel, anywhere, anytime. When Amelia was a child it would be spring break at the grandparents in Pensacola, summer visiting family in Atlanta, possibly a long weekend at Walt Disney World. Then repeat one of those trips at Christmas time. 

I did a little research on Montreal, knowing that I have a friend who lives there as well. And everything came together. We traveled to Montreal in June 2017, had a great weekend at the Formula 1 events and race. 

As a bonus, I got to see my friend  in person. I say in person because we’ve been friends online since 2004. We met in a Scrapbooking Forum and stayed with the same group of about 30 women all these years.  I really enjoyed being able to meet her face-to-face. 

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