How to Set Up Your Distance Learning Space

What do you need for a quality Distance learning Space? Whatever works for you. A dedicated space, learning posters,  chart stands, and a light ring? Go for it. A spot at the dining room table? Right on. The coffee table, patio table, where ever I can find a quiet spot? Again, no wrong answers here.

So to keep it real; I present to you: The Help Desk, Media Center, and LIbrarian's Office.My primary role is to provide technical support for teachers and students. I have renamed my desk the help desk. As you see, two monitors are always required. I took over my daughters old armoire. I love how the camera angle omits the bed that is directly behind my chair. Since we bought the armoire when she was in middle school, it doesn’t have the best lighting all around. It meets my needs. The best thing is, at the end of the day I can shut the doors and close my office. 

I made sure to add my Dark Crystal FunkoPop characters, Grumpy Bear, Hamilton water bottle, and a few other items that make me smile. 

I am still holding library classes-  putting together resources, books, and Maker-space suggestions in my Google classroom. While I do read aloud‘s during my live meeting each day, I wanted to be able to post stories for them to listen to any time. The space in front of the window is perfect as it is a nice little reading nook. I am able to stretch a green screen behind me if I want to change the background. In the afternoon I get nice sunlight in the window. 

Please note my fancy recording equipment. I use the Touchcast app on the iPad for record cording and do any green screen editing in Doink. I don’t have a tripod at home so I found the right combination of containers and boxes to hold the iPad. The iPad is steady and it is at the perfect height to record me sitting on the floor. 

There you have it. The best way to set yo your space is easy. Find a space that works for you. Add the personal touches you can. Get comfortable. Most importantly, don't worry what anyone else's space looks like. This is about YOU and what YOU need to work. It can be a fancy tripod or books stacked on top of each other. It works. 

Remember always: You Got This! 

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