Number Paths

Number Path Games

We had a parent workshop last week. Our math coach presented number paths to the parents. Since I have been in the media center for four years, that was a new term for me. I did what I do  best, I learned about it. Here’s what I learned:

I realized that I was using number paths when I taught kindergarten and first grade, I just needed to learn the phrase Number Path. They are a counting tool and help students recognize numbers, one-to-one correspondence, and more. 

created them using Carson Dellosa accent pieces or sticky notes. I had file folder games with a path of numbers for counting. I taught math with games when possible. 

As an educator I am always learning new things. I enjoy this part of my job, so much that I will learn about Math, even when I am in the library right now. :) 

For more information check out The National Association for the Education of Young Children article.

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