Using Google Classroom to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is fast approaching. Teachers love to use this day to add a little fun to their day while exploring all things 100.

We are going to do some traditional activities:
    Count 100 objects
    Do 100 exercises
    Read 100 pages

I wanted to do some of the other activities digitally this year. Enter Google Classroom, Google Sheets,  Google Slides, and away we go. Here is a quick preview of the activities in action.

First up is a Hidden Picture Google Sheets activity using a 100s Chart or 120 Chart. Assign the Sheet via Classroom or share via Drive, whatever method you use. It will look like any other 100s chart. The PDF directions include the number to call out.

Students will click on the cell of the number, then click the Fill Tool and click a color to fill the cell. Always use the proper terms for tools so you add a digital literacy piece to the activity with no extra work.

The next Google Sheets activity is simple as well. Again a traditional 100s or 120 chart will open. Students will click in the empty cells and type the missing number. If you have taught them how to change the color of a font, that could be an added step.
Both activities are available in a PDF version if you prefer to print them.

Last up is a Google Slides Presentation. The students work on these in edit mode, they see the slides on the left and know to click the next one they need to work on. This Presentation has the students search for images of current items and the 100 year old version of the item. Then they will use the handles to resize the image and move it to the correct box. 

Google has made improvements to the image search that make it easier for first graders to use. The search box opens on the right of the slide. Students can look at the word on the slide to type them into the search box.

As the students are doing the image search, I talk about how to judge the images in the search. With this activity I will ask them if the current item looks like one they have seen recently. I know my first graders, they love to scroll through the search. This gives me plenty of opportunity to talk about how to choose the most appropriate image. More digital literacy practice embedded in the work.

This slides presentation also ties into Then & Now Social Studies standards. The students will get a better sense of how items have changed over 100 years. 

 Enjoy the 100th day of school, however you celebrate the occasion. Click the picture to find my Google Resources to add a digital element to your day.

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