Yes They Can! Google Classroom in First Grade; Using the Insert Shape Tool

I am a 1:1 classroom with laptops and desktop computers. I currently teach 1st grade. I am always told 'First graders can't..." when it comes to using technology. Well, I am here to tell you THEY CAN!
You just have to teach them to use the tools, just like you do with pencils, scissors, and glue. 

Using Google Slides in edit mode provides the students with access to text, images, shapes, lines, fill tools, and many other tools. I incorporated learning the shape tool with our Geometry units in math. 

I assigned them a three blank slides via out Google Classroom. Then I walked them through using the Shape tool; step by step. First we inserted a variety of basic shapes. I told them the shape name. The students had to find the correct one to add. 

Next, I showed them the different types of triangles, you know they are not all equilateral. I showed the students how to change the sides, rotate the shape, and use the fill tool. 

Last, I told them to make a picture using the shapes. Here you go:

Technology, Google Classroom, Digital Literacy, Math, Geometry, Colors, and more all at the same time. 

Next time we need to add shapes or use the fill tool, the students know what to do. First Graders & Tech: You BET they can!

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Kerry Schultz said...

I am very tech savy and teach my child through shape tools.Google slides enable the students to learn quickly and in a more effective way.