Tech Saturday? Time to restore the devices

Time to make the donuts? Wait, wrong commercial. It is, however, time to restore the devises. 

My current count is 1 iPad for teacher use, it may be an iPad 2, with a cracked screen, but it still updates to the current iOS and works perfectly. The OtterBox case has kept the screen from getting worse, and it isn't noticeable during use. I run Splashtop on the iPad. This allows me to access my desktop from anywhere in the room. No more running to change the ActivInspire center, I can do it from my small group table. 

I have 7 old iDevices, some are old phones and some are old iPods. Only one will update to the current iOS, but I have found that most apps will run on iOS6 or iOS7. There were 8 devices, sadly the battery on one of the phones gave up this year. The ability to control access to one app makes the Apple devices great for center time.

I bought 2 Kindles last year when they were on sale. I don't mind the ads on the lock screen, the kids open the device so quickly they don't notice the ads. I love the ability to have a separate login for the kids. I do not have to worry about them access Amazon and trying to buy something.

Not pictured is an original Nook Color. I don't use it often, it has always been glitchy, but I keep it around for a few ebooks that I have. This is great if I have extra kids in my classroom and I need an activity for them.

Today's agenda is to restore all the devices and add beginning of the year apps. I am moving to first grade, so an app hunt will be in order as well. I will start with Simply Kinder's Apps for Reading article. Some of the apps look like they will work well in a first grade setting.

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