Digital Storytelling; First Time is a Charm

My students have been making great progress with their computer skills. We have moved from simply playing educational games to working within ActivInspire to type, take assessments, practice comprehension skills, and much more.

They have learned how to follow a computer path to find and open a file and how to close a Flipchart and save or not save their work. A little background.... each student has a folder. If the file is in their file and they save the work, and I can move it to a digital portfolio. Other files are in a generic folder and they have learned not to save the changes. More on that system later.

Two weeks ago I decided to do a little Digital Storytelling. I started with my highest group and had intended on just working with them. As always, the kids surpassed my expectations and everyone got to try it out.

I started with a basic Inspire Flipchart of clip art and showed the students how to move the pictures they wanted to a new page. It is one of my favorite tricks in Inspire.

Once the students had the two pictures they wanted on the new page, they clicked on the page and used the pen tool to draw details. As you will see below drawing on a trackpad or with a mouse can be tricky. Most added water, some added a sun, but everyone added something.

Then the students had to tell a story to go with the illustrations. I helped the kids with adding a space between the words, but the rest of the work is their own. I added 'book writing' on a few and had 3 students use the microphone tool to dictate the story. 

These came out so much better than I imagined. Especially being able to have all the kids create a story. Here a some examples. 

I will continue to work on digital story telling, helping them use the drawing tools and other tools in Inspire. This week we are using Inspire for a response to reading during small groups. I can't wait to see what they can do in a few weeks. 

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