Unwrapping a New Computer

After 10 years with a laptop, I decided to return to a desktop this year. I have an iPad that goes with me all the time, greatly reducing my need for a laptop. I went to the Apple store tonight and came home with this.

A new iMac. The box itself is pretty to look at. But what's inside is even better. First out if the box are the keyboard and mouse. Both are Bluetooth, so no cords. 

Next came the computer itself. The iMac is all wrapped up like a Christmas present. 

The iMac contains everything in one piece, no separate CPU tower. This also means no cords. Can you tell I am excited about the lack of cords. I have a love/hate realationship with electronic cords. I love the devices they power. I hate the way they get tangled up. 

I plugged the power cord into the battery back-up, ran it up the back of the desk, plugged it into the iMac and I was ready to go.

Well, almost. I had to get my files and iTunes library from my old MacBook. That didn't take long and then I was reaady to go. 

I am happy with the decision to go back to a desktop. The iMac has a 21.5" screen, which is a great size for photo editing and other digital creating. The design actually gives me more room on my desk around the computer. I have been using a Mac for 10 years now and have always been pleased with the computer. I use a Windows machine at school and have no problems chagning systems. Everything is compatible these days.

Time to go create something.... 

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