Tea With Me: Boston


 As a teacher, I had the ubiquitous collection of coffee mugs given as presents over the years. But for the longest time I didn’t drink a hot beverage in the morning. So many relegated to the duty of pen and pencil holders on my desk. And many were donated and given away. 

Then I started drinking hot tea and I had a few mugs. But my friends all enjoyed Starbucks. So when visiting friends I would go into Starbucks. And I noticed the travel collection. It seemed the perfect souvenir, portable, useful, and still  reminder of the places visited. These are the mugs I’ve collected over the years. Most days they do stay on display in the china cabinet. Mainly because they don’t hold as much as my Bellatrix mug.

So hard to pick today’s mug., each one is a memory! I think I’ll start with Boston. While it was the most recently acquired, it has the strongest ties to me. My daughter Amelia and her husband James now live in Boston. As I enjoy my tea this morning I’ll be thinking of them. 

Now for the story: 

My good friend, Wendy, her oldest daughter, and I did a college road trip last summer. Her daughter wanted to visit Harvard and Boston University as part of the trip. We made our way to Boston did the college tours, and visited many other tourist stops in Boston. What an amazing city, the history and the vibe. Love!  It was on that trip that I acquired the Boston mug. You will hear more about that trip as several other mugs were purchased. On a side note, my friends daughter was excepted into Boston university and will be attending there this fall.  Hopefully not just as a virtual student by then. 

Now a little about my morning tea. This is my tea station, I keep my three types out at all times, Palm Court for the morning, decaf for the evenings, and a pomegranate for afternoons (which I mix with black tea). As for the FunkPops- I considerd Strawberry Shortcake and Bellatrix to be great exapmles of my personalities, and John Snow- no explanation needed. 

I order my loose leaf teas from Tea embassy in Austin Texas. I order the Palm Court blend for every day. If you are looking for looseleaf teas, I highly recommend Tea Embassy. The service is great, they always add a personal touch, and they carry a wide varieties of tea. 

Here is today's tea. Ready to face this day of virtual school, distance learning, and help desk emails.