Tea With Me: My Favorite Mug

Welcome to Tea With Me. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing my morning tea with you. Since I am at home, I can enjoy my tea is a real mug, not the stainless steel insulated model I use at school. I will be featuring the mugs I have collected on my various travels. Most come with the story.

Today’s mug is my favorite. It is Bellatrix Lestrange. I admit she is probably my favorite villain. Maybe it’s the actress. Maybe it’s the storyline. Maybe it’s because I can relate to the wild and untamed curly hair!

This is the mug I use every day when I have time to sit at home and enjoy my tea. It is oversized, so no need for a refill. It is a think ceramic, so it keeps my tea warm for a long enough time. It is just perfect. I promised a story. 

I originally bought this while visiting Universal Studios in Orlando. I had it for a couple of years when we had a hurricane in Florida. The short story is my friends were stuck on a cruise and their two daughters were here.

My husband went to get them a paper towel in the kitchen. I heard a very distinctive crash on the floor. Ceramic hitting tile is a sound all of its own. I knew what happened. I had no doubt. Yes, Bellatrix had fallen to the floor and was broken. 

Fortunately my daughter worked at one of the Universal resort hotels. She had access to the parks. Because you can’t buy this mug at the Universal Store on CityWalk. No, you have to visit Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. Which I love to do, but that would be an expensive mug. 

Needless to say I am very careful with my mug now. I keep it on my tea station when I am not using it. The tea station is on the counter, but farther away from the paper towels. I’d have to go back myself if it ever broke again.

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