Tea With Me: California

I have visited California several times in my life. From San Diego in my early 20s to visit my grandparents, San Francisco multiple times, wine country and the redwoods, Orange County, and Disneyland.

Michael and I usually don’t revisit destinations as we have so many that we want to visit. Wine Country is an exception. We returned in 2015 as empty nesters. We stayed in Calistoga and found some of our favorite wines. But this isn’t about the wine.

During this visit, we flew down to Irvine to visit a friend and see southern California. Michael rented a motorcycle so he could ride with Leo. While I joined them one day, that was enough for me. I rented a car and headed up to LA for a day. 

I hit the major sites, Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, Rodeo Boulevard. My favorite spot being the Tar Pits. 

Thus my Starbucks dilemma. I could have gotten a mug for almost every city. I love the mugs, but I don’t need hundreds. In this case, I settled on the state mug. 

Whether it is sipping wine in Sonoma, standing next to giant Redwoods, seeing the stunning coastline, the busy streets of LA, or taking Amelia to Disneyland, one mug reminds me of them all. 

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