Back To School Shopping, How to Save Money

Back to School sales have started. Blog posts with all the deals. Instagram pictures of all the cute stuff at Target, Dollar Tree, Wal*Mart, and many other stores. It is easy to get overwhelmed. Easy to think. "I must go buy THAT." Whatever THAT is. The next thing you know your trunk is full and your checking account empty

I admit to falling into that pattern many times, and still do on occasion. But after 20+ years of teaching, before I shop I ask myself one question. "What EXACTLY will this be used for?" If I cannot answer with a specific need, i.e containers for glue sponges, or activity, i.e. counting games, I put it back on the shelf. Saving money at the same time.

Because I can go shopping here....


This is just two shelves, I am not ready to show you my plastic container collection or my markers, not yet anyway.

I did succumb to the Mo Willems stuffed toys at Kohl's. I also ordered some new border for my bulletin boards. Otherwise I have not purchased a lot this year.

It is hard when teachers are posting all the cute stuff, but the best way to save money on Back to School shopping is not to spend it in the first place. Good Luck.


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