New Ways to Teach Now and Then for Social Studies.

You can have fun teaching Now & Then. Teach it using technology; interactive and engaging. 

Being able to compare life now with the past is a common first grade social studies standard. It is often taught around Thanksgiving with comparing pilgrim life to current life.Yet way we live has changed over recent years as well. The clothes, the cars, and the technology, all of these  look very different than what was used in recent history as well. 

Now & Then is a Google Drive resource perfect for teaching changes over time. Each book and activity can be assigned individually to students are used a whole group.

Now & Then non-fiction books highlights the changes over the past 70 years. Each book contains a page from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and current times. Now & Then Fashion, includes images of popular clothing styles for each decade. While Now & Then Technology, features common technological devices. For example cars, televisions, phones, and radios.

Included in this resource are three separate activities to reinforce or assess the concept of now and then. You get two sorts for now and then fashion and technology. Each sort contains a variety of images from the past 70 years to be sorted into the categories now or then.

A timeline page includes two different technological devices, the television and the phone. Students will order the images to show how they have changed over time.

Finally you get to pages of site words sentence matching. There are five images on each slide, and the students will read the site words sentences and match them to the correct image.

All the images used in the slides are used in the books. When you assign the books to the students via Google classroom, they have the ability to go back to them to find their answers. 

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