The Things They Say

There are many reasons I teach young children. The highlights of my days are the things they say. Children can't help it. They didn't set out to be funny. It is just  part of their being at 5 & 6 years old.

This weekend I got my hair cut, I went from shoulder length to a short bob style. Very noticeable. As I walked in on Monday one of my students asked "What happened to your hair?"

To which I promptly replied, "It shrank." As I walked into the classroom another student said "She cut it."

I returned to the hallway and asked the first student, "Which do you think happened? My hair shrank or I got it cut?" Remember 5 years ofter believe everything we tell them. He thought about it, looked at me, and quietly (as if he wasn't sure of his answer) replied, "It shrank."

I had to smile. Then I corrected myself and told him that I was being silly and of course I got a hair cut. The exchange made me smile all day. Even telling the story is making me smile.

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