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Today's post is about Activities, and it was really hard to pick my favorite.

This year I brought back an old whole group activity. It is based on Wilson Foundations and Words Their Way practices. We had a reading series several years ago that included small magnetic letters, I had enough to make a class set of alphabet boards. I use the Wilson letter order. 

Each students gets his/her own board. I also have a Flipchart with the letters. One child is picked each day to be the 'teacher' at the board. 

At the beginning of the year, the focus of our word work time was on the letter names and sounds. Now the lessons include a spot check of letter sounds. Then we move right into word building. 

I tell the students to move down three letters. We use the Wilson procedure of 'Tapping the sounds" "Blending the Sounds' & "Reading the Word." 

The students touch the letters while tapping and run their finger along the letters to blend. Then I ask someone to read the word. My favorite part... We do  3-4 words in a word family and by the last word, ALL of my students can 'read' the word. Even the students who still need to learn letter names. 

We build real and nonsense words. I ask after reading the word if the word is real, The students respond and if they are not sure, we discuss the word. I have mostly ESL students so there are times when they do not know the real words. 

I am glad I added this activity back to my routine. Ii keeps the students engaged and everyone is learning. 

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