New Job, New Adventure

Last year I was given a great opportunity. I was able to transition from the classroom to the library. Me, a librarian, media specialist, teacher librarian... whatever title you want to use. It was a career move I had been interested in for a few years.

The position allows me to teach all the students. I see students from each grade level daily for library lessons, book check out, and digital literacy skills. This is my time to instill a love of books to the students. I love seeing a student when they make a connection to a book. 

I also get to use Maker Space activities and computers to build thinking, problem solving skills, imagination, and creativity in the students. This time lets me connect to the students during nonacademic activities. I enjoy seeing the creativity they have with blocks, legos, or play dough.

I also have office responsibilities. I have book and technology budgets. I plan and run two books fairs. I produce a daily news show with the students. This part of the job allows me to use the other part of my brain. The job offers me the chance to use a lot of different skills.

But the best part..... the BOOKS!!! Books I get to read. Books I get to order. Books that make you laugh or cry or sigh or just be. I love the books. I am reading more juvenile chapter books, but picture books are still my absolute favorite. I will be sharing my favorite books here. Hint, 90% of them are my favorite. 

P.S. the other best part..... walking around campus and having the students give me hugs, say hello, and hearing from their teachers that the students love the library. 

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