Enable Guided Access on Apple Devices

Raise your hand if you use iPods or iPads in your classroom. They are wonderful devices and there are more than enough apps to support and engage students in learning. Most of our students come to school with plenty of experience with some type of device; Apple or Android.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing. 

It's good because they know how to turn on the device, open the app,  and they know the finger gestures to work the apps.

It's bad because they know how to work the device. They know how to open apps, close apps, they accidentally delete apps,  they know the symbol for the camera and how to use it. 

There is a time and place for them to use the camera or the video and the microphone. But when they are in the center it is nice to know they're working on what you want them to. Apple devices have a restriction that allow you to do this. It's called guided access. It is easy to set up.

On any Apple device go to Settings (the photos are from an iPhone, the iPad will look slightly different) Go to General

Click on Accessibility
You'll need to scroll down to Learning and click on Guided Access

Swipe to turn ON Guided Access
Click Set Guided Access Passcode and set up a 4 digit password, or enable Touch ID if it available on your device. 

You are all set. When you want to turn on Guided Access; it is a simple process. 
Open the app 
Triple Click the Home button
At the top of the screen you will see Start and Cancel
At the bottom is an Option section that allows to you set a few more controls. 

Once you turn on Guided Access it is done. It is only activated when you triple click the home button. I use Guided Access all the time with my Kindergarteners. One tip, don't let them watch you enter the passcode. They will learn it. lol True story! 

I hope this helps you get more use out of your Apple devices and feel more comfortable letting the students work with them independently. Thanks for stopping by. 

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