Learning Through Play, Shapes

We are learning all about 2D shapes in math this week.
* the names
* how many sides
* how many corners.
* 2D shapes are flat.

What better way to explore shapes and by creating with them. I divided the students into pairs and gave each group a pile of circles squares and rectangles. They had to talk with their partner about what they were going to make.

Then they told me what they were making. After that I let them go and have at it.
   some made houses
   some made flowers
   some made cars
   one group even made shapes out of shapes.
There were no right or wrong creations.

As they were working I walked around and asked questions about the shapes they were using. When they were done I let them get the crayons to add some extra details to what they were making. I reminded them to add faces to people, doors and windows to the houses, and doors to the car.

Without them realizing it I added a little bit of writing to their math play. They had a great time and each groups picture is unique. Learning to play is the best way to learn.

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