Currently November

WOW!! It really is November already. That TO DO list from October has been moved to another month. Oh well, it will get done eventually.

I am joining Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently Linky.

Listening to XM radio, 80's hits of course. 

Loving: I am buying flowers form y desk at the grocery store. $4.00 for a nice bundle and they last almost 2 weeks. This week I got deep purple and yellow daisies. Now, to keep the cat from eating them. 

Thinking: I have been teaching 20 years, all K-1. I have SOOOOOO much stuff. It can be overwhelming. I am thinking of donating it to a new teacher and starting over. I am already recycling all my paper files. I think printing and reorganizing my centers would be a good idea as well. 

Wanting: We only have one car payment right now, my daughter's car. The sooner I pay her car off, I can save to get a newer car for me!! 

Needing: I found the Listers Gotta List group last month. I didn't need another avenue for my paper crafting, but I signed up anyway. It is free. Now I need to find to time to do my list each day. 

Yummy: My current favorite Yummy is buffalo chicken dip.

What are you doing this month?!?! Join the linky and tell us all about it! 


Everyone Deserves to Learn said...

Good luck with all those paper files! My school became paperless last year, and I STILL have paper files that need to be recycled!


Unknown said...

That buffalo chicken dip sounds super delicious! Yum. I love dips. Also, I want to know more about this Listers Gotta List group! It sounds perfect for me! I am already in SO many groups. I am a group addict!

Teaching Under the Sun said...

Check it out here

Momma with a Teaching Mission said...

I'm only in my 3rd year teaching, and I've already accumulated so much, I can imagine for teaching 20 years how much stuff you have, I'm sure a new teacher would take anything you would give :D Wishing you a great November!!

Momma with a Teaching Mission