Teaching Letter Names; Letter Mats a Freebie

I was inspired by Greg Smedley's post about Number Recognition here. A simple, yet effective activity. Why not do the same thing for letter?

I have a few kiddos who do not know the letter names. I realized that Greg's technique for numbers will work just as well. **Who I am kidding, I am 'stealing' the idea. After all, the best teachers Beg, Borrow, and "Steal" ideas.**

I focus on two letters a week until they are all taught and reviewed. I do 4 consonants than a vowel and word families. My class is 85% second language learners, so everyone can use a little more practice with letters and sounds and vocabulary.

I made a letter mat for each group of 4 letters and one with all the vowels.

The letter mats are made to be printed on Legal sized paper. Of course with a PDF you can select Fit or Shrink Oversized Pages to print on letter sized paper. 

The letter cards are made to be printed on letter sized paper. I made those different colors and used a more standard looking font. 

Click the image below, or HERE to download the mats and letter cards. 

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