Classroom Reveal; Finally

I have been impatiently waiting for today. I have been back at school since 8/24. I finally get to share my room. Thank you to Ashley and Angie for hosting the 2getherwearebetter linkup with all the reveals. So here goes nothing!! 

I have a wall on either side of my door that I can decorate and use for student work. WELCOME to my area. The canvas next to my door is my motto "Keep Calm and Don't Forget to Play." 

Open the door and come on in. 
This is the view from the doorway. I still have a kitchen, blocks and other 'language' development materials in my room. The table to the right is our writing center. Continuing on a 360° tour of our room. 

I have 6 desktops in my room. Wait, though, I am a 1:1 technology classroom. There's more. I use the space above the computers for colors and shapes. 

My room is a rectangle, so I have a long space across the front of the room. Here you find our number posters, a sensory bin with a Pocket Chart attached to the wall for future sorting, the math center shelf, and blocks. I have a simple calendar and number sense  are on the board. 

This is also where I keep my Alphabet. I can easily remove the letters as I teach them, and they are at a good height for the kids. 

Apparently missing is my Promethean Board, you can see the corner on the left of the photo. I love my board and have been using one for 7 years. This is my teaching area, big book easel, regular easel for another PC, chart papers and Feed Me monster. The space in the back is the teacher area. I have a built in desk that is too long, but I am stuck with it. 

 I use that long teacher desk to define my reading area. The READ frames hide the back of my computer and phone. I attach felt boards to the desk for story retelling. The white toy box contains several Build A Bear animals and clothes for 'language' development time. See the tall cart?!?! That is my laptop cart with 15 laptops. We use them for learning, digital storytelling, individual assessments, and so much more. It is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire room. 

Continuing the circle, next to the reading center is the small group table. The back wall is full of our cubbies, the sink, reading centers and the bathroom. 

I did a lot of debating with my student tables this year. I decided on the 'U' approach with a bookshelf. During the day, the kids will keep their laptop on the bookshelf when it isn't being used. 
The rug is our whole group area. The other door in the back is too my closet. On it hang our "I CAN DO IT" necklaces and next to it are the school wide PBIS reward system.

And finally, a small portion of my desk with my new Creative Clips desk calendar. The colors make me smile. Along with my kitty cat tape dispenser. 

Don't forget to check out the other rooms and remember... 


The Whimsical Teacher said...

Thanks for showing us so many great details in your classroom! I loved it!

-Jess aka

The Whimsical Teacher

Teaching Under the Sun said...

Thanks a bunch.