Goodwill Find: Toy Box for $8.00

I was in town this morning. I live in the country; I really do "Go to town." Depending on the errand I need to run there are different stores I will drive by. Today was a Goodwill store in a nicer area. You know what I mean, the neighborhoods around the store are a little more affluent. I stopped in, you never know what you might find.

I walked by the toy section. Nothing. Kids books. Nothing caught my eye. I always check out the furniture. Jackpot!! I saw this toy box. It is white, clean, not too big. The best part; the price $9.88. I get to the register and she's training another woman. She starts walking though the steps to enter the item, then I hear her say something about a discount. Discount?? Yes, Please! It was on sale. I got it for $8.00. Even better! 

Now, what to do with it? I don't want to paint it. I could cover the white areas with colored contact paper, dry erase contact paper, or chalkboard contact paper. 

What to put in it? I have several Build-a-Bear animals, clothes, and accessories. They would fit perfectly. Or I can go a completely different direction. I am taking suggestions in my comments, on FB, and on Instagram. Thanks. I am sure my wonderful Kindertribe and TeacherTribe friends will have great ideas. 

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Unknown said...

I too decorate my magnets, but have never thought to put magnets on the back to be able to use them for the board. Thanks for sharing :)