Made it Monday 8/10 Edition

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Made it Monday. I've been working a lot of little projects all weekend. Here goes....


My clothes pins needed a makeover. The striped ones have magnets on the back and are for my board in the classroom. The orange polk dot ones have a push pin on the back and go on my hallway bulletin board to hang student work. 


Birthday straws! A friend found the fun straws at the dollar store for me. Print, laminate and cut out the balloons, a little tape and a cute, inexpensive birthday gift for my kiddos. 


I teach Kindergarten. That means anything and everything can be put to use. I added alphabet stickers and mod podge to more clothes pins. These will go in the word work center. The kids can clip the letters to word cards to spell the words. 
That is it for now. I am working a several more little things, but they are not done yet. Check out more teacher creativity and link up yourself. 


ithappenedin3rd said...

Love the straw idea!

Amanda said...

I teach K too, and clothespins are a must! I have the clothespins with the tack on the back and use them in the tack strips in the hallway. They are a lifesaver in the spots where it is difficult to reach. Have a great year!

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