July Currently

It is that time again; a new month, a new Currently from Oh' Boy 4th Grade. 

I haven't turned on my music or TV yet, so the air conditioner is a constant sound in the background. It is hot in Florida, so it rarely shuts off. 

I love the new FB groups I have joined this summer. One to help with blogging and a couple to help TPT. 

I am thinking that I can put aside my TPT items next week and spend the time on personal projects. I have a basket of photos waiting to be scrapped. 

I need to go put the towels in the dryer, but I don't want to move right now.

All Star, really, you' have to ask my friends that. 

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Unknown said...

I am totally with you about going to Vegas! I HAVE to go next year!!

JanCT said...

I have some scrapbooking to do, too. I usually scrap digitally now, but I've been making baby books for my nieces. They've both turned one already! Yikes. I really need to get busy. Have a fun and crafty week.
Laughter and Consistency

Unknown said...

I love having craft days....have fun with scrapbooking! :)
-Lovely Nina