Desk Update; It was time

When our house was built I was able to customize my office/studio/creative space. I looked at lots of photos of craft room, storage types, desks, etc... to come up with I hoped would work for me. Since it is all built in, there is no changing it now. I knew I wanted a large desk area. In fact I have two, there is a small desk across the room. 

My large desk 8 feet long and I love it. I put my computer at the end, over the printer, which is on a pull out shelf! This has been my set up for 4 years, barring minor changes. The computer area has always bothered me. I have to pull the computer down the desk so my feet will fit. That left a lot of wasted space between the computer and the book shelf. 

I can't make notes while I am on my computer. All the desk space is on the left and I am right handed. I needed to do something. 

Why it took 4 years for me to think of this I am not sure. But while looking at the above view last night, I realized I could put my computer in the corner. WOW!! Corners are always wasted space, with my computer on that end of the desk my external hard drives and USB hub could go in the corner. I have less wasted space now. I can easily turn and make notes if I need to. I have plenty of room for creating and crafting. I still need to swap the supplies in the cabinets and move my bulletin boards to the computer side, but that won't take long. I am already much happier with this set up. 

Some close-ups of each end of the desk. 


Now back to work and creating in my updated space. 

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