Makeover; Clothespin Style

Oh My! There is so much to do for back to school. I could post something new for a month to talk about all the items I am creating and things I am doing. But I won't bore you.

I have been using clothes pins on my bulletin board for a couple of years. It makes changing out the student work so much faster. As I was redoing the board this week a teacher stopped by and commented that the clothespins would be cute if they were painted. I completely agree, but decided to use washi tape instead. Less Mess!! 

Here are my supplies all lined up. Hot glue gun, thumb tacks, clothes pins, and washi tape. 

I started by gluing the thumb tacks to the clothes pins. 

Once the glue dried, I put the washi tape on the other side. I found this tape at the dollar store. Primary colored hearts will match my bulletin board perfectly. 

The little bit of color adds just enough to go from blah to cute. Add washi tape to your supply list. It is a simple way to add the cute. 

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