Busy Day

I spent the day in my classroom. It doesn't look as bare as in the earlier post from today. There are no 'in progress' photos. I will do after shots next week.

I have more to get ready than my room though. My goal for the year: Paperless. I have been trying to use Evernote more and more for personal and work related organization. If you haven't heard of Evernote, check them out. It is a cross platform organizational tool. Everything syncs, so your phone, tablet, and web versions are always current.

I love using a really cute desktop calendar. A calendar app is perfect for recording important dates, but they just aren't cute. So I made my own.

I really like the graphics from KHDigi on Etsy. They are bright and colorful. Just what I wanted. I use an iPad; with Pages I will be able to type right on each month. Just like a real calendar. 

For my friends, I posted a PDF version on TPT. Click on the calendar cover or here


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