Keep the Restroom Clean With These Signs

Students using too much soap? 

Students using too many paper towels?

Students forgetting to flush the toilet?

Students putting the toilet paper in the trashcan? 

All typical and normal the first week of school. The bathroom at school looks a little different from the one at home, or even preschool. Teaching students the procedures for keeping the restroom clean are just as important as all other classroom routines. 

These simple signs provide visuals you can put up to remind the students how to keep the restroom clean. Includes:
    Toilet Paper in the Trash
    Remember to Flush
    Wash Your Hands
    1 pump of Soap  or  2 Pumps of Soap
    1 Paper Towel    or    2 Paper Towels
    Paper Towels in the Trash

one pump of soappaper towels in the trashtwo pumps of soap

toilet paper in the toiletremember to flushone paper towel

They are available in a variety of styles: 

Check out these and my elephant themed room decor set. 

button says TPT

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