Rural Life

Rural life 

I’ve read several articles about the return to office, continuing remote work, or hybrid situations. I have heard several reasons why people don't want to return to the office. But the discussions leave out another segment of the population. Rural employees. I know, I am one.

We are rural, not because we escaped the city, because we needed to move closer to help out family, etc.  We live in rural areas because someone in our family has a profession that can only be done by living in the country.

Until recently, those of us who live the rural life were limited with our career possibilities; teaching, retail work, medical/dental work, and possibly a few other businesses in the area. But thanks to working remote, we can apply for anything. We can be coders, trainers, customer success managers, recruiters, and more. I could list the plethora of corporate job titles but you see my point. These jobs were not always available to us because we are 100s of miles from the corporate office.

Now companies are talking about returning to office full-time, or requiring a hybrid model. I worry about losing opportunities to expand my skillset, grow my knowledge, and work in a new sector of business. 

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