Welcome to My Office

Welcome to my office. I’d offer you a seat, but I can’t get to my own right now.  

Show your office. I am sure they meant the office when it is neat and clean. However, this is life. This week I’ve had a huge book order from First Book arrive. This is about 2/3 of the order. My Demco supplies arrived today. Tomorrow night is our STEM family night, and I am doing Plastic Cup towers. Let’s now forget the on going weeding process. Thus the book cart. And the headphones that need a new home. And, And, And... 

Most items will be put away by the end of the week. Until then, this is it. 

I also have an office at home. It is fairly clean. Mainly because I misplaced a ring two weeks ago. Since I am notorious for taking them off while working, I cleaned my desk to look for it. 

The Dell monitor is new. I like working on a larger screen. I can scale the page to actual size. I get a true sense of placement and what the final page will look like. 

I may or may not put a Netflix show on the laptop screen while I am working. Right now I am rewatching Luther, so I don’t need it on a large screen. 

The ring was in the jewelry tray, just the wrong compartment. 

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