We Broke the Internet

Friday was the first day we got out our laptops. My first grader were ready for learning tha laptop procedures:
* get the laptops off the cart
* logging in
* locking the computer
* putting the laptops away AND plugging them in to be charged

All was going well, several remembered from Kindergarten how to use the shift key for their password. A few had trouble pressing CTRL and ALT at the same time, but I showed them how. 

Next, it was time to log into our class accounts. That is when we broke the internet. The site times out and this error messaged appeared. 

To which several students piped up with "The WiFi isn't working." That made me smile. Yes, 5 & 6 year olds can understand how technology works! Turns out the whole district lost internet. We were unable to get back on and try, that will wait until Monday. 

For the limited things we did, the students did great. My goal next week is to have them in our Google Classroom and to complete some Number Sense activities. Thank you Christine Pinto for the template and inspiration. #gafe4littles

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