Currently 1.1.16

Nothing like a new month and new year to inspire a new blog post. And Farley's Currently is always a favorite linky of mine.

Listening: I am going to the Garth Brooks concert in two weeks. Time to binge listen to get ready.

Loving: Loving the break, the weather, not so much. Yes, Florida is supposed to be warm, but this year is HOT. 

Thinking: There is a really cute pair of pants at Anthropology that I want. They are on sale and a good price.. decisions, decisions, decisions

Wanting: Of course I'd love a couple more days off. It has been a good break though.

Needing: I washed clothes  yesterday. They are in the dryer. They may stay there a little longer. 

One little word: I've been thinking about my word for 2016, I THINK that I have settled on increase. 
Increase my knowledge on a variety of topics, Increase my store inventory, Increase my happiness

So what is your 2016 looking like? 


Eat.Pray.Travel.Teach said...

It has been too warm in PA too! I hear ya on the laundry. I am about to stick some in the dryer. Keep the motivation while I have it.


Literacy Spark said...

Jealous you get to see Garth Brooks! He came to Houston this summer but I didn't want to leave my baby to go.

Literacy Spark

Tracy said...

Back in the day, my mom waited in line for 16 hours to get my sister tickets to see Garth Brooks and ended up getting tickets for her and my dad as well. She still says that was the best concert ever. I wonder if he's still up to swinging out over the crowd on ropes???

Melissa said...

SO jealous that you're going to see Garth Brooks! Hope you were able to finish that laundry. I feel like it's a never-ending cycle!

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