Happy Mother's Day

I enjoy having the students make a craft for Mother's Day. I was looking for something easy this year.

I did a quick search on Pinterest, come on... everyone does it. Voila... easy, cute, personal Mother's day projects; more than I needed.

Hand print flowers! 

They were super simple to make. I used large non-toxic ink pads for the hand prints and let the kids paint the stems. On a side note, if you want to make sure the kids are washing their hands; use ink. Some washed their hands 3 or 4 times. And that was after being told the ink would be there for a day or two.

Every kid painted the stems differently, the above flowers needed lots of leaves, some only had one stem, and one had stems going to the side of the page. All were perfectly adorable. 

To all the Mothers, Aunts, Grandmas, God-Mothers, and other special ladies... 

Happy Mother's Day

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