Easy Felt Board Pieces for Story Retelling

I wanted to find an activity to engage my students in story telling and story retelling. I wanted it to keep the students interested and be specific to the books we have been reading, or just fun topics. I've been using a felt board in my library center for a couple of years, with limited resources. After a quick Google search, I realized I could make any felt board pieces I wanted. With the proper supplies. 

First stop Amazon, I buy most office supplies from Amazon. I live in the country and going to Wal*Mart, Target, or an office store is not a 'quick trip'. Instead I pay for Amazon Prime and shop online. 

I purchased the Avery t-shirt transfers and a pile of white felt. I printed some graphics onto the transfer. Your possibilities are only limited by your clipart supply. Just remember to print in Mirror mode if you are printing text or it will be backwards. 

Following the instructions, I preheated my iron, folded my pillowcase, and iron the transfer to the felt. 


These transfers just need  a few minutes to cool off before peeling it away from the felt. 

Presto, instant felt board pieces. These monsters are from www.picklebums.com They are just for random story telling. 

This year I have added pieces for Mouse Paint, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Big Red Apple to my retelling library. The students still play with the sets several weeks after we are done with the book. I leave the book in the bag with the felt to assist in the story retelling. 

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